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Stay Cool this Summer with Hive and Pleated Window Blinds!

Posted May 31, 2024 /

As the summer sun shines brighter and temperatures start to rise, you may experience hot and stuffy rooms or sleepless nights for the whole family which is why keeping our homes cool is a top priority. Air conditioning may cause temporary relief but what if we told you there is a more efficient way to keep your home cool? Hive and Pleated Window Blinds! Hive and Pleated window blinds offer functionality and elegance making them the perfect choice to beat the heat this summer.

Light Control –

We all know that Summer means longer days. While it’s nice to have sunlight peering in it also can cause an unwanted glare in your home.… view more.

Spring Blinds

Posted April 19, 2024 /

It’s finally time to say goodbye to those winter blues and renew our living spaces and welcome in the refreshing breeze and sunshine. Window blinds play an essential role in this seasonal transformation, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In spring as the days grow longer, the sun’s rays become more intense. Our blinds can act as a barrier which gives you control over the amount of sunlight entering the home. Blinds provide the flexibility to regulate brightness and maintain a comfortable ambiance. They offer a perfect balance between natural light and privacy, allowing you to enjoy the sun’s warmth while shielding interiors from prying eyes.… view more.

Pantone Colour of the Year – Peach Fuzz

Posted February 1, 2024 /

Pantone announced their colour of the year 2024 and its…Peach Fuzz! This velvety, gentle peach tone has been described by Pantone as “capturing the essence of nurturing oneself and representing kindness and tenderness”. This warm and cosy shade presents a new approach to softness as it inspires belonging, recalibration, and an opportunity for nurturing, conjuring up an air of calm, offering us a space to be, feel, and heal and to flourish from.

Peach Fuzz Eyelet Curtain

Arezzo Blush Curtain

Welcoming Peach Fuzz into your home creates ambiance and is a perfectly appropriate colour to encapsulate a positive fresh start, so it’s great to incorporate at the top of a new year!… view more.

Clocks Changing at the weekend

Posted January 10, 2024 /
Roman blind and layered curtain

The clocks changing means it’s now lighter in the mornings. This also means that the sun’s rays can wake up kids and adults earlier. Some blinds are better than others for reducing light levels in rooms. Here’s where we can assist by using well-fitting, high-quality window blinds!


Roman blinds in lounge


Roman Blinds


An efficient method of room darkening is with Roman Blinds. Installing a Roman blind is a great way to block light, as the Roman fabric combined with the lining offers great coverage in your window. Installing the Roman blind outwith the recess will offer the best closure and prevent any unwanted rays in the morning.… view more.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Posted September 12, 2023 /

Dulux have announced their Colour of the Year for 2024 – Sweet Embrace

Sweet Embrace is a carefully chosen colour that has been designed by colour experts to capture the current mood and evoke feelings of positivity. This gentle blossom pink is a versatile and calming shade that can be used in various ways to create a space where you feel comfortable and at home. Colours can change the way you feel, so Dulux encourages you to transform your home into a place where you belong.

Hive Deluxe Blackout Rose

Amongst the busy, non-stop lives we can all be engrossed in, the design experts wanted to highlight the need for peace of mind, clarity or moments of joy.… view more.

Senses System

Posted July 5, 2023 /

You might think that your blind choice is all about the fabric.

It’s the main decision for colour, pattern and even blind type depending on the room or light control options required. However, did you know that you can really make your window blind complete by choosing the best system to go with your new fabric?

The Senses system is the ultimate blind system, combining style and functionality.

What does Senses offer compared to a standard roller blind?

Cassette for the headrail

The aluminium fascia can be fabric wrapped in a selection of 5 contemporary colours – with four being painted and one being anodised.… view more.

Invest in our planet

Posted April 13, 2023 /

World Earth Day is an environmental movement which drives worldwide positive action for our planet.

This year’s theme of “Invest In Our Planet” highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues. Investing in our planet is necessary to protect it and the best way to pave a path towards a prosperous future.

When we invest in Our Planet together, we are supporting healthy, happy, and wealthy communities worldwide.

Plastic Pollution

We can change our behaviour towards plastics and reducing plastic pollution. Plastic in the environment harms both marine and human health, litters beaches and populates landfill.… view more.

Blinds Vs. Curtains

Posted February 22, 2023 /

When it comes to window treatments, many homeowners are torn between choosing blinds or curtains. Both have different features and benefits, making it difficult to know which one is the best choice for your home.

We’ll take a closer look at the differences between blinds and curtains and help you decide which one is right for you.

Why choose blinds?

Style Studio Alaria Mustard Roller Blind

They’re easy to clean

Most blinds can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas or rooms that are prone to dust and dirt build up. The easiest blinds to clean tend to be Venetian as their metallic material makes them easy to wipe.… view more.

Dress your windows with style

Posted January 12, 2023 /

You’ve chosen the beautiful fabric for your new window blind, but don’t stop there! Did you know you can also choose the blind system to go with it? And the Senses blind system is more than just your standard blind choice.

Stylish cassette

The Senses blind system comes with a stylish ‘cassette style’ headrail which completes the look of the blind. It covers the fabric roll at the top of the blind giving an elegant, luxury finish.

This can be metallic in finish or fabric wrapped to match your blinds – you choose! Use alongside the matching bottombar finish to create a beautiful blind for your home.… view more.

Top Tips for a fresh home in 2023

Posted December 19, 2022 / Leave a response

Starting off the new year doesn’t always mean making or breaking resolutions, it is also the perfect time to make some simple but effective changes. Here are our top tips to a fresh start for the New Year ahead.

Tip 1 – Declutter

Like most of us, we all now have more stuff in our homes than we did at the start of last year due to Christmas. This is the perfect opportunity to take a look at what we own and decide if it still has a place in our homes. Start with clothes and shoes; decluttering your wardrobe not only will it make it easier to decide what to wear each day, but by donating your unwanted clothing you can help others who are less fortunate and would make good use of those items that you are not going to wear.… view more.