Top Tips for a fresh home in 2023

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Starting off the new year doesn’t always mean making or breaking resolutions, it is also the perfect time to make some simple but effective changes. Here are our top tips to a fresh start for the New Year ahead.

Tip 1 – Declutter

Like most of us, we all now have more stuff in our homes than we did at the start of last year due to Christmas. This is the perfect opportunity to take a look at what we own and decide if it still has a place in our homes. Start with clothes and shoes; decluttering your wardrobe not only will it make it easier to decide what to wear each day, but by donating your unwanted clothing you can help others who are less fortunate and would make good use of those items that you are not going to wear. Along with unwanted clothes you probably have a lot of other items that you no longer use that are taking up space and gathering dust! Why not sort through these items and decide if you are going to get any use from them in the future and if not, it is time to let them go! Decluttering items can be used as a symbolic way of moving forward and clearing your mind in this new year.

Tip 2 – Deep Clean

Now you have decluttered, it is time for a deep clean. Now we know not everyone is channeling their inner Mrs Hinch, but who doesn’t feel better after a bit of cleaning. By starting the year off with a deep clean you can sweep, mop and scrub away 2020, leaving yourself a clean slate for the year ahead.

Tip 3 – Organise

Next it is time to get organised. Everything in your home should have its own place. Now we are not saying you have to become the next Marie Kondo, but we could all use a bit more organisation in our lives. Don’t try to tackle the whole house at once! Why not start with the room you use the most whether that’s your living room, bedroom or home office. Start off small, whether it is organising your wardrobe by colour or season, or just emptying that drawer in the Kitchen that Is filled with everything but the kitchen sink! Any form of organisation is going to make you feel better and more productive. Especially with us spending so much more time at home, having everything organised and in its own place will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Tip 4 – Give your home interiors a Fresh Look

New Year is the perfect opportunity to give your home interiors a fresh look! This doesn’t mean you have to do a full renovation makeover. Here are some simple tips on how to freshen up your home. Paint a wall, rearrange furniture, change up your window dressings or treat yourself and buy some new home accessories. A few simple changes and it can look like a new room!

Tip 5 – Look after yourself

Now your living space is ready for 2021, its time to get yourself ready! We are a generation that loves our technology, but make 2021 the year you take some time away from your screen. Having time away from technology is beneficial for our mental and physical health. It allows you to free your mind and look at the bigger picture. Try finding another activity to do for at least 30 minutes a day that does not involve technology, whether that’s some sort of physical activity or reading a book. By taking a break from your phone or computer you will become more relaxed and this can help you be more productive and creative either in work or personal projects.

Tip 6 – Be more active

Make this the year you’re going to be more active! Being more active and getting out and moving has many health benefits, not just for our physical health but also for our mental well-being. No one is saying you have to go out and run a marathon but by finding a physical activity you enjoy doing or by going for a walk, this is going to have a positive impact on your overall well-being!

Tip 7 – Self care

All of our tips have been focused around you! But self-care might just be our most important tip! Self-care means something different to each of us, but we can all be guilty of not taking time for ourselves especially when we are busy at home with our families or at work. Self-care can be anything from having a long hot bubble bath instead of a shower or setting time aside in the morning to enjoy your first coffee in peace instead of drinking it on the way to work. No matter what your idea of self-care is, set some time aside each day this year to do something for you!

So, these are our 7 top tips to help you take on the New Year. Use these tips as a guide or motivation to come up with your own ideas for a fresh look on the New Year and how you are going to make sure this is the best year for you!

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