Powershade Motorised Blind Systems

The Ultimate Motorised Blind for your home

Powershade offers a luxurious, affordable motorised blind that you can operate at the touch of a button. Complete with a quiet and smooth operation, Powershade combines style and control.


INTU Integrated Blind Systems
Innovative blinds for modern windows

The INTU blind system is designed to fully integrate with all modern windows including tilt ‘n’ turn and glazed doors. INTU brings a sleek, modern appearance to your blinds with the advantage of not interfering with the opening and closing of your window. Simple to install with no drilling or screws required, they also eliminate the need for free hanging cord loops making them one of the safest blinds available.

Senses Blind System

Dress your windows with style

Senses is a contemporary system with a stylish cassette headrail that combines the most desirable aesthetic features with a sleek and innovative design.