Child Safety

Mum and BoyChild Safety has always been a key consideration in the home. The legislation now in place makes it a much more prominent point to take into account when purchasing new window blinds.

In line with the new legislation, Style Studio has tested all relevant products to ensure we are completely compliant with the Child Safety Requirements of BS EN13120. As well as striving to develop as many Child Safe systems as we can, we also endeavour to offer a stylish and functional range of Child Safety accessories across all product types.

Style Studio are part of the Make it Safe campaign and you can read more about the legislation along with your guide to window blind safety, click here.

Why has this legislation been introduced?
Young children can be strangled by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and inner cords that operate the product. To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords out of the reach of young children. Cords may become wrapped around a child’s neck. This new legislation has been introduced to ensure that all window blinds are supplied to a set standard.

Your stockist has been fully briefed on this new legislation to ensure that any blinds supplied will be compliant with the specifications and reduce any potential future risks. By following a few simple steps your blinds can be completely child safe, giving you complete peace of mind.

Child Safe Checklist

  • Make sure all cords and chains are always secured out of reach.
  • Position furniture such as sofas, cots, tables away from windows to prevent children climbing too close to them.
  • Make sure inner or rear cords are also fitted with safety devices.
  • For more information on the full range of Child Safe devices or products, ask your retailer.