A Guide to Buying Kitchen Blinds

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Choosing kitchen blinds can be a bit of a minefield so we’ve created a guide on what you should consider when buying a kitchen blind. As people are spending more time at home and doing up their homes, the kitchen is just as important now than any other room in the home. Your kitchen window becomes the focal point of the room, so when it comes to your kitchen blind you shouldn’t have to compromise style over function, and if you follow our guide you wont have to! Read on to find out the best blinds for kitchens.

Featured Fabric: Cactus asc eco Olive Green

What you should consider when buying a new kitchen blind

It is important that you consider what you are looking for in a blind, especially for a kitchen environment. This guide will take you through the 6 key factors you should consider when purchasing a new window blind for your kitchen. The first is obvious what type and style of blind do you want? Then there is the fabric properties, light control, operation methods and privacy. All these factors are important that is why we have broken these sections down in more detail to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision

Featured Fabric: Alaria Mustard 

Fabric Properties 

In a kitchen your window is most likely going to be above your kitchen sink, therefore we would recommend you select a fabric that is suitable for moist conditions. A blind that is easy to clean would also be beneficial for a kitchen environment. It is always important to check the fabrics care conditions before a purchase, because you may think a blind would look great in your kitchen but if they properties are not suitable then it could turn into a kitchen nightmare!

Featured Fabric: Radiance asc Metallic Bronze Pleated Blind 

Light Control

Light control may seem like an odd thing to consider for the kitchen, but do you want the sun to be beaming through the window or do you want to have increase control to keep it more shaded? With Mirage Roller blinds you can have the best of both worlds as they bring enhanced light control, they give you the flexibility of having your kitchen blind fully open, fully closed or anywhere in-between. This modern take on a Roller fabric is the perfect stylish option for someone who is looking to add a little something extra to their windows.

Featured Fabric: Entwine Cream Mirage Blind 

Operation Methods

If your window is not in an easy to reach place having a traditional operation method like a chain may not be a viable option. Powershade is a great option for windows like this as you can control the blind through the touch of a button or if you want to be extra fancy through voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts.


Most people don’t think of privacy when they are looking for a blind for their kitchen. However, if your kitchen is easily visible to people outside, it may be something you want to consider. INTU Privacy is the ideal solution if you have privacy concerns. With no visible holes in the Venetian slat, Privacy minimises light gaps when the blind is in the closed position. This brings both a feeling of privacy, but also increased security.

Featured Fabric: Burnt Orange Venetian Blind 


We saved the best for last, style definitely is the most fun part of choosing a window blind! The Style Studio Collections literally have thousands of stunning fabrics to choose from in a variety of colours, textures and patterns.

Let’s talk colour, sometimes to give your kitchen a new look, all you have to do is add a hint of colour. Our brand-new Infusion asc Cool Mint and Soft Lilac tones add a hint of freshness to your kitchen. Or if you are looking to spice things up a little with some pattern, Roller fabrics are a great choice as there are so many fabulous pattern options. Kimberley Glaze Roller or Posy Tangerine Mirage are floral fabrics that create a contemporary kitchen vibe.

Verticals are a great option for versatility, as you can mix and match the vanes with different colours or a combination of pattern and solid colours. Burst Hemp Yellow and Palette Sunshine are the perfect combination to add some brightness to your kitchen.

Featured Fabric: Palette Dijon

We could literally go on forever when it comes to style! However, now it’s over to you!

Browse our wide variety of fabrics and find your perfect kitchen blind today! 

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