Versatile Venetians

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Venetian blinds can be used in a multitude of settings, making them a versatile option for home owners. Their simple design allows them to be featured in a classic, modern or contemporary interior. Venetian Blinds also have a whole host of practical benefits for the home.

The Style Studio Venetian Collection has been developed by our interior experts to include a wide variety of colours, special features and finishes. So, the next time you are updating your home why not include a Venetian blind?

Style Studio Linen Venetian Blind in traditional loungeFeatured Blind: Linen Venetian

Increased Privacy and Light Control

Venetian blinds allow for flexibility on how the slats are positioned. This flexibility allows you to have the slats completely shut if you are looking to block out the light from the street or sun. The great thing about Venetians however, is that you don’t always have to have the slats completely shut for increased privacy. If you are looking to have some light and air in your room but maintain your privacy, you can tilt the slats to your desired position.

Venetian Blinds are a great option for bi-folding doors because when paired with our INTU system the blind can slot directly into the door frame. This means that you have more freedom to open and close your door and the blind will not get damaged.

Style Studio Matte Black Venetian Blind in traditional bedroomFeatured Blind: Matt Black Venetian

Thermostop Coating

When you think of insulation and energy saving blinds we bet you didn’t think that included Venetians?

Well, with our innovative Thermostop coating, you can add them to the list! By treating our slats with this coating, they are three times more effective at blocking heat compared to standard slats.

This performance slat has the power to keep heat in the home during winter. This is done by tilting the slats inwards to minimise heat loss. In the summer, simply tilt the slats outwards to reduce the heat coming into a room. Thermostop coated Venetian Blinds allow you to keep your home an ambient temperature all year round.

Style Studio Cashew Venetian Blind in traditional kitchenFeatured Blind: Cashew Venetian 

Durability and Easy to Clean

The properties of the slats are highly durable and the perfect option for rooms in the home with lots of steam and humidity. Venetians are easy to clean, meaning accidental spillages and splashes that occur in the home can be easily wiped away.

Variety of style

When you think of Venetians you may think of traditional faux wood and metal slats. These classic finishes are still a stylish option, but now we offer a much larger variety of slat colours and textures.

Colour is a great way to change the dynamic of a room.

For your kitchen, we recommend yellow, orange and green tones to add a sense of freshness. Add calmness and tranquility to your bathroom with blue, aqua and teal hues. Your bedroom and living room give you the freedom to be more creative in your colour selections.

Warm neutral tones are beautiful and create a welcoming atmosphere. Whites, creams and beige’s will create a timeless look that will never go out of style. Grey and black tones bring effortless chic to a room. Your interior look can be easily enhanced with a bold accent colour when grey is your foundation. With so many tones of Grey you can create a look that is soft and delicate or strong and confident.

Style Studio Regal Blue Venetian Blind in modern bathroomFeatured Blind: Regal Blue Venetian 

Let’s talk textures

We still love our wood effect slats as they look great alongside hardwood flooring, and stone fireplaces – creating that perfect rustic interior look. Create a modern luxurious look with metallic, brushed steel, shimmer and platinum styles.

Style Studio Platinum Venetian Blind in traditional bathroomFeatured Blind: Platinum Venetian 

These are just a few of our favourite looks created. However, with the versatility of Venetian blinds the options are endless.

Browse our Venetian fabrics today and let out your inner interior designer!

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