Autumn Winter 2022 Trends for your home

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We’ve picked out 4 top trends for your home this season – bring some Autumn/Winter styling now Summer is officially over.

Dream Gallery

This trend encourages curiosity and fires up the imagination for a fantastical surreal escape. Rich clashing colours and detailed textures creates a bold look. Escape the mundane and celebrate the idea that weird is wonderful. Pair this trend with unusual shapes, play with scale and have fun to style your room in this way.

Ice Haven

Your home is a space for calm and recuperation for both body and mind. Blue is the new green, bringing harmony and a restful vibe to your home. Inspired by the blue lagoon in Iceland, with clear blue skies and beautiful water, softened by cosy fabrics, throws and blankets for a simple and comfortable interior. Frosty greens and icy blues are paired with warmer clay colours to create this winter palette.

Privacy Mode

The trend here is for consumers to remove themselves from the social media focused world, and create an intimate, cocoon in their home. Everything has a raw, functional feel being simple and practical. The goal is to provide an inviting space for quiet moments together with loved ones and friends. Earthy browns and greens with a pop of Orange or Brown offers subtle tonal colour combinations.

Joyful Gathering

An extroverted and welcoming trend, the home here is a canvas for expression with mood enhancing colours and cheerful patterns. Use vibrant colours and even your own works of art to let your imagination go wild. Create joyous spaces to welcome family and friends. Warm neutrals form the basis of this trend, with pops of colour to bring a playful contrast.

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