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Style Studio’s Spring/Summer 2019 Lookbook is here, explore the new season trends and let your imagination run wild!

With tips, ideas and inspiration – updating your interiors for 2019 has never been easier.

Back to Botanicals

Flowers in full bloom are celebrated for their colour, form and texture, with all-over designs a prominent trend for Spring/Summer 2019. Dark backgrounds continue to inspire with bright, bold floral patterns in the foreground accentuating vibrancy.

Vivacious touches of coral, yellow, heather and rich blues offer a balanced blend of natural and saturated tones. Be bold, be bright, be beautiful!
Style Studio’s Zinnia Blackout Black is the showstopper, with its dark background and contrasting coloured foreground, what’s not to love! Its blackout properties mean it is perfect for a bedroom environment, making sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Pastel POP

Pastel hues work together to the set the scene for light, delicate styling, ultimately having the power to update a room in a subtle way, whilst offering an optimistic fresh look.

Tones such as soft lilac, glacier mint and baby blue soothe the mind and soul, with light filled spaces making rooms feel bigger.

Scared of colour but want to step away from neutrals? Pastels are for you. Check out Style Studio’s Ice range, a 3 coloured collection that are deemed neutral but with a hint of a tint!

Green Living

Inspired by nature, and proven to have a positive effect on our mental and physical wellbeing, this trend is all about bringing the outdoors in, helping us feel energised and refreshed.

As consumer focus shifts towards wellbeing and sustainability, plants are becoming increasingly prominent in interiors. This is potentially due to the increasing evidence that suggests plants have the ability to reduce stress whilst increasing wellbeing. As the world becomes busier, noisier, tech fuelled and unsettled – greenery offers a calming and natural answer.

Create a dense green environment by embracing multiple shades of green from ivy to apple, malachite and viridian. Lush green plant prints bring nature into our home, creasing a metropolitan environment.

In an attempt to make a difference to the growing problem of plastic infiltrating our oceans, Style Studio introduces Sea-Tex. This fabric has been developed using recycled shoreline plastic, is semi-transparent, Fire Retardant and available in 5 neutral shades.

Isn’t it time to live better?

For more info, check out our informative Sea-Tex blog! 

Download Style Studio’s Lookbook for all of our full Spring 2019 Looks!

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