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Finishing Touch – Real Homes

Posted April 10, 2018 /

Finishing Touch

Decorate your windows with a statement blind or striking curtains. Go big and bold with a patterned design featuring modern geometrics, oversized florals or painterly effects for a modern look. Buy ready-made styles for a cost-effective solution, or go made-to-measure to ensure a perfect fit. And if you want to guarantee a good night’s sleep, blackout linings are your best bet.… view more.

Mono Home – Manchester Evening News

Posted April 10, 2018 /

Embrace black and white for a dreamy, fresh, clean and cool bedroom!

Black and white is a classic, timeless combination. Make it modern and on-trend by using chevron prints somewhere bold, like a wall or curtains or on blinds.

Add in grey tones to soften the monochrome (which can be a little harsh otherwise). Use warm or cool greys, or both, then add an accent colour in just a couple o places too, like the navy throw and cushion.

When you reduce the number of colours you’re using, ramp up the different textures to keep things interesting. Go for velvet furniture, smooth cotton sheets, shaggy carpets, brick and bare walls, and vary the fabrics for the bedding and curtains.… view more.

Product of the week – Sunday Mail

Posted July 7, 2017 /

Style Studio’s unique Mirage blinds feature alternating stripes of sheer and solid fabric, giving you more control over light and increased flexibility on how you can position the blind compared to standard roller blinds. The collection offers something for everyone, with a wide selection of plain and textured fabrics available. Combine Mirage blinds with Style Studio’s Senses operating system for innovative design with a smooth, sleek finish.… view more.

Blind Faith – Sussex Life

Posted March 29, 2017 /

When it comes to a streamlined yet versatile look, blinds and shutters are a reliable and attractive option. Opt for no-fuss ready-made version, go bespoke by selecting your own fabric and made-to-measure or consider going high tech with blinds you can operate using a smartphone.… view more.

Spring – Staffordshire Living, Grand Designs, Woman Magazine

Posted March 3, 2017 /

Staffordshire Living

Being house proud is as common as being married in the UK, we do love our homes: we love creating a unique haven to retreat to at the end of a long working day. It’s very important to us that we are met with feelings of contentment when we walk through the door in the evening.

But our home style needs updating just as much as out wardrobe does, whether that’s because of new trends in the industry or changes in personal tastes.… view more.

Ways with window dressing – Utopia Group

Posted March 3, 2017 /

When it comes to dressing a room, the window can often be left as an afterthought, especially in the bathroom. I for one, have been guilty of dashing down to my nearest DIY store for a last-minute roller blind purchase on more than one occasion. But if you could take the time to consider which style, material and colour works best within the scheme, it can make all the difference to the overall look and feel.

To help get you started, we asked Lorna McAleer, interiors expert at made-to-measure window blinds brand Style Studio (, to outline the colours they expect to see adorning our windows in 2017…

Moody Blues

After Dulux announced Denim Drift as its colour of the year, the world of interiors has gone crazy for blue hues.… view more.

Four Interiors Trends to Watch for in 2017 – Building Construction Design

Posted January 24, 2017 /

With texture being given the leading role and homeowners searching for affordable luxury, 2017 is looking like the year for stylish, cosy and homely interiors. Below Lorna McAleer, interiors expert at made-to-measure blinds brand Style Studio, outlines their top looks for 2017 along with how to achieve them with window blinds, curtains and soft furnishings.

2017 Trends:

  1. Soft Geo
  2. Natural Living
  3. Organic Textures
  4. Everyday Luxury (including Velvet Revival, Brocade Brigade and Metallic Luxe)

Soft Geo

Texture is the buzz word for interiors in 2017, and the Soft Geo trend is defined by the layering of fabrics throughout a room.

Lorna McAleer says,

“Soft Geo is a progression of the geometric trend we’ve seen in recent years.view more.

Moody Blues – House Beautiful

Posted January 24, 2017 /

After Dulux announced Denim Drift as their colour of the year, the world of interiors went crazy for blue hues. ‘Chalky denim blues are very versatile and mix well with most colours, yet total monochromatic styling willkeep the look modern and fresh’, says McAleer. ‘Choose different tones of blue to feature on surfaces, textiles, furniture and soft furniture throughout the room for a look that’s right on trend and easy to update throughout the year.’


Meanwhile, Stephen adds: ‘Dusky mid-blue is incredibly versatile, allowing us to drift effortlessly into spring and summer. On window blinds, natural tactile fabrics like linen and cotton weaves add to the handcrafted feel that completes this look, where coloured shutters (another big look for windows) in rustic grey will add warmth and a homely feel.’

Click for the full article on 2017 Trends

 view more.

This could get heated – Sunday Times (Online)

Posted December 8, 2016 /

This could get heated

It’s that time of year again when the wives of Britain, with no regard for the environment, or the polar bears, or their finances, or their poor, long-suffering husbands, crank up the thermostat.

If you want to keep your home cosy, getting the little things right has a big effect.

Use blinds

Made of two layers trapping air pockets, honeycomb blinds can almost halve the heat lost through windows. Try Hive.

For the full article click here

Sunday Times Hive Blindsview more.

Blues – Real Homes & Period Ideas

Posted December 8, 2016 /

Dramatic Blues – Real Homes

Bring one of the key colours of 2017 into your home with innovative ways to use the latest shades

Denim Drift has been named Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2017, and we think it’s ‘jeanius’. Blue jeans are a timeless classic, and now the shade most closely associated with them is set to make its mark on interiors. Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s resident style expert, says the possibilities with the versatile hue are endless. ‘Denim Drift complements furniture from any period,’ she adds. ‘The grey-blue of it, works gloriously on walls and creates an ever-changing mural, depending on the time of day and lighting,’ she adds, ‘it looks great when paired with a palette of tonal blues.’ For an easy update, choose throws and cushions in the colour, or use it in patterned tiles to add vibrancy.… view more.