Winter Styling – Roman & Curtain

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Winter is on its way and we are all spending more time than ever at home! So why not make your home feel like a beautiful winter retreat this season with our Roman & Curtain Collection!

Our luxury Style Studio Roman Blinds and Curtains are perfect for this time of year. By doubling up on your window dressings you can keep in the heat while making a statement. So, what are you waiting for?

Become your homes personal interior designer. Create that ultimate winter look with our Rattan Cherry, a rich pink/red toned blind that is perfect when you pair it alongside our grey Gia Smoke patterned curtain, this look is sure to make a statement!

Luxury Roman & Curtain

Featured Fabrics: Gia Smoke Curtain 

When you are thinking about your interiors, it is important to consider the finishing touches to your room. Cushions are the perfect addition to your home interiors, as they can be switched up depending on the time of year! With our wide range of fabrics, you can mix up the tones or even have the same fabrics on your cushions and scatter them throughout the room to complete that look!

Luxury Roman & Curtain

Featured fabric: Maverick Cashew Roman Blind & Zyra Vintage 

Create the ultimate winter retreat and motorise  your blinds with Powershade. Powershade is a luxurious and affordable motorised system that you can operate at the touch of a button with the Powershade Smart Controller, or pair with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub and control your blinds by voice command.

Featured fabric: Phoenix Teal Roman Blind & Curtis Indigo Curtain 

Create that ultimate winter retreat with our luxury Roman & Curtain collection and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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