Styling Up For Summer!

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We’re ready to heat up your home interiors this Summer, with bold prints, vivacious colours and calming patterns – you’ll not be disappointed!

Tribal Chic

Go Tribal! This trend is jam-packed with lively colours and African influence. Minimal markings and rhombus shapes take centre stage with contrasting bold animal prints fighting to be the star of the show. We see graphic prints pushing through the ranks, creating prominence throughout the interior scene.

Pattern scales range from mini to maxi with vibrant colours symbolic of tribal-esque being prevalent throughout this trend. A bold mix of lively colours such as redcurrant and paprika with contrasting sunshine yellow and azure blue, vibrancy is a key factor.

Are you bold enough?


This trend is all about finding optimism & escape through play! Bringing your inner child to life, and forgetting about the stresses of adulthood, encompassing fun and adventure!

Disrupt uniformity & break the mould with audacious patterns such as bold animal prints, strong geometrics or even abstract styles.

The colour palette within this trend screams highly saturated, with contemporary tones helping you stand out from the crowd.


Join the Retreat

Seek sanctuary in relaxing spaces, creating your own tranquil abode, away from the noise of today’s society.

This trend takes a minimalistic approach to pattern and colour, with neutral, off-white tones creating a beautifully simple, chic and timeless look.

Style Studio’s Venetian Thermostop is neutral product option, with 5 different neutral shades and a brushed steel back. This product is a performance slat and has the power to retain heat in winter and keep out the heat in summer, promoting energy efficiency.  So not only is it on trend and nice to look at, it also has helpful properties.

A neutral backdrop allows for bursts of colour and pattern throughout the rest of the room with interchangeable furnishings such as cushions, throws and lamps.

Download Style Studio’s Lookbook for all of our full Summer 2019 Looks!


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