Stay Cool this Summer with Hive and Pleated Window Blinds!

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As the summer sun shines brighter and temperatures start to rise, you may experience hot and stuffy rooms or sleepless nights for the whole family which is why keeping our homes cool is a top priority. Air conditioning may cause temporary relief but what if we told you there is a more efficient way to keep your home cool? Hive and Pleated Window Blinds! Hive and Pleated window blinds offer functionality and elegance making them the perfect choice to beat the heat this summer.

Light Control –

We all know that Summer means longer days. While it’s nice to have sunlight peering in it also can cause an unwanted glare in your home. Hive and Pleated blinds offer precise control over natural light levels, allowing you to adjust the blinds for light control. Whether you prefer a soft, natural glow or complete darkness for that perfect night’s sleep, Hive and Pleated blinds have got you covered, helping you create a comfortable atmosphere in your home all day long!

Insulation Technology –

Hive blinds feature a unique honeycomb structure that the traditional window blind does not have. This unique structure creates insulating air pockets that help regulate indoor temperatures by trapping the heat in the Winter and blocking it out in the Summer. As a result, your home will stay cooler during those hot Summer days, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning lowering your energy costs.

Enhanced Privacy –

Maintaining privacy becomes more difficult during the summer months as windows are frequently kept open to let in fresh air. Hive and Pleated blinds provide a stylish way to create maintain privacy while staying cool. These blinds give you the seclusion you need to feel safe and comfortable, whether you’re hosting visitors or spending quality time with your family.

UV Protection –

Hive and Pleated blinds not only control temperature and light, but they also provide UV protection. The risk of sun damage to your furniture, carpets, and other possessions are prevented by the fabrics used in Hive and Pleated blinds. You and your family may enjoy the beauty of natural light in your house without sacrificing UV protection when you install Hive and Pleated blinds.

Combine style and function –

Now, just because you are going for a blind that is going to help you save money on your energy bills, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style over function. All Hive and Pleated are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in an array of colours, textures and patterns. There are also a number of blackout and fire-retardant options for you to choose from. These blinds provide everything you need to stay cool and comfortable all season long. Invest in Hive and Pleated blinds today and transform your home into a refreshing retreat where you can beat the heat and enjoy the beauty of summer to the fullest.

ASC Pleated Blinds –

 Pleated blinds with a reflective backing, known as ASC (Advanced Solar Control), are window treatment designed to enhance energy efficiency and comfort in your home.  This specialized layer is typically made of a metallic or other reflective material that can bounce back a significant portion of the solar heat that strikes it. When sunlight hits the reflective surface, much of the heat is deflected away from the window rather than being absorbed into the home. This reduces the amount of heat gain, which is especially beneficial during hot months. It also gives privacy, comfort and UV protection making it the perfect blind for Summer!

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