Scandi Style Inspiration and how to embrace Lagom

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There’s no denying the effortless chic that can be achieved through Scandinavian interior design. Laid back and minimalist, yet warm and welcoming, it’s a desirable look (and approach to life).

And that’s why our interiors expert Lorna McAleer thinks Scandi style is here to stay in 2017.  Here are her six tips to help you achieve a pared-down Nordic vibe in your home this year.

1. Embrace “Lagom”

The world of interiors has been hung up on ‘hygge’ for a few years now, and where many homeowners are happily adopting this cosy approach to life, there’s an alternative buzz word in play for 2017.

Lorna says: “The Swedish word ‘lagom’ translates as “not too much, not too little.”  In other words, it’s about creating balance and harmony by limiting expense and extravagance.  Lagom is contentment: living a frugal existence, saving money and not over indulging.  It’s an outlook very much aligned to our attitude in the new year.”

Hive Silkweave Raven_Hive Blackout Iron

Achieve a pared-back look and embrace sustainable living with our Hive® blinds (pictured above). They have a clever honeycomb structure that has heat-blocking and retaining qualities that will help to save energy (and money) from the moment they’re installed.  Choose cool greys against white walls to complement minimalist Scandi décor.”

2. Utilise a Scandinavian Colour Code – Grey / White / Blue / Black


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“Infuse rooms with light and create a sense of calm with minimalist Nordic neutrals.  Cool greys and white form a backdrop that’s relaxed and easy to live with and if there’s an accent colour at all it has to be blue.”


“In general, the rule is to keep pattern and distractions to a minimum, but feather motifs and soft geometrics are low key enough to continue the contented vibe.  Or for a more playful approach, the tiny cartoon style houses of our ‘The Lane’ blinds are ideal for a look that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

3. Mix Function with Style

Infusion asc Micro Cream

Scandinavia is renowned for clever, practical, yet simple design.  Ordinary furniture and soft furnishings can be taken to the next level with well thought out functionality, like these Intu Micro blinds.

Lorna explains:

“A top-down, bottom-up system allows the blinds to be positioned in infinite combinations for light and privacy control.  As they sit within the beading of the door frame, there’s no chance of them becoming damaged when doors are in use, plus with no cords to become tangled or twisted, they’re child and pet friendly too. Intu Micro blinds are also perfect for use with bi-fold doors.”

4. Use Wood (and lots of it)


Wood is a vital material to generate warmth and introduce a textured element to Scandinavian styled rooms.

Natural wood or whitewash floorboards are a mainstay for this look, but wooden elements can also be introduced elsewhere in the room. 

Wood panelling makes a feature of this bathroom wall; a warm contrast against a raw concrete finish.

Being creative with furniture means giving a room a Scandi make-under needn’t be expensive. These wooden crates have been repurposed as a tasteful bedside table and functional, effective bedroom storage – VERY Lagom.

Image credits: Shutterstock


5. Minimise Mess

There’s no room for clutter in Scandinavia. Everything must go.  And as we head towards Spring, it’s a great time to get rid of the things you don’t use or need.  Invest in some ingenious mid-century storage to hide away the things you do keep. Then relax and immerse yourself in a mindful and minimalist existence.


6. Let in Light

To combat long, dark winters there’s a practical need for maximising light in Scandinavian rooms.  Decorating with white will obviously brighten a dark room but why not consider semi-transparent window dressings, like these semi-translucent Hive blinds.  They will allow natural light to flood into a room, whilst still giving you much needed privacy.



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