Save money on your energy bills with Hive blinds

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With soaring energy prices, not more than ever, we are all looking for ways to reduce our energy bills.

We have all considered turning lights off when we leave a room, reducing the number of times we turn on the dishwasher, but have you considered your window blinds as a cost-effective way of bringing down your bills?

Hive Deluxe Lemon

Hive – Energy Saving Blinds

So, what is a Hive blind? Hive is a fabric which has a unique honeycomb structure that gives increased insulation. The cellular design holds a layer of air which acts as an insulator, improving climate control within the home.

This means that on cooler days, especially in the winter, it will stop cold air coming in from your windows and stop heat from escaping. By including a Hive blind  in your home will limit how long you need to have your heating on each day, saving you money!

Hive Idole Forest Green 

Combine style and function

Now, just because you are going for a blind that is going to help you save money on your energy bills, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for function. All of our Hive blinds are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in an array of colours, textures and patterns. There is also a number of blackout and fire-retardant options for you to choose from.

Hive Envy Moonrock

To learn more about Hive and our fabric offering offerings, check out our Hive & Pleated brochure!


You can also order 5 free samples from our SampleRoom if you can’t decide on just one fabric!


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