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Time to get cosy and add stylish sophistication to your interior. The stunning combination of Roman blinds & Curtains never fails to impress…

Not only does the trendy combination add a touch of class & privacy to any room, it can bring a feeling of warmth to your living room. As the frosty winter nights approach, simply close the curtains and immerse yourself in captive cosiness.

Doubling up your window coverings is an efficient energy saving solution as windows often allow cold air to sneak in and by combining the two styles, heat retention is increased. Keeping your home that little more toastie!

Creative Creation

Our Design Experts say

“Be confident! Choose a bold design which will make a statement and contrast this with a gentler, more comforting texture for your curtain”“A bold pattern, will ignite that spark of personality to your room, whereas the contrasting soft design will create a subtle finish”

At Style Studio we have a spectacular array of over 320 plains, textures and designs within our Roman & Curtain Collection. There is a vast assortment of traditional and contemporary fabrics including delicate botanicals, classic florals, sumptuous velvets and modern textures.

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