Pantone ‘Colours’ of the Year 2021

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Pantone have announced Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as their ‘colours’ of the year 2021. These are two independent grey and yellow tones that can also be complementary to one another.

Here at Style Studio we have done our research on these ‘colours’ of the year so you don’t have to and compiled it all in this blog to give you all the information you need on how to use these tones within your home.

These two colours represent how different elements can come together to support one another. Pantone have described this year’s ‘colours’ of the year as “A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.” Ultimate Gray is practical while Illuminating is warm and optimistic, the union of both these colours conveys the message of strength and positivity. Ultimate Gray and Illumination gives a sense of hope and that the future is going to be brighter, Pantone say this is essential for people’s spirits especially with the current uncertainty of the world.


Illuminating is a bright energetic yellow that exudes vivacity. This bold colour represents happiness, fun and creativity. This tone of yellow can be seen as a controversial choice for colour of the year with its connotations of being youthful or childish. However, while we do not recommend using Illuminating as your focal colour choice within a room, it can be used in smaller accent area and paired with a more subdue tone such as Ultimate Gray to create a sophisticated interior look.

Ultimate Gray

Pantone have selected a somewhat brighter grey that is influenced by natural elements to represent composure, steadiness and resilience. Ultimate Gray is the perfect universal colour that can be used as the foundation for a bolder colour such as Illuminating or as an independent statement colour. Ultimate Gray can be used to create different looks from neutral and calming, to high contrast or even sleek and industrial looks.

If ever there was a year to go bold with your interior colour choices it should be 2021. So, why not combine Ultimate Gray and Illuminating and add some brightness and positivity to your interior style. Browse our website and view our array of grey and yellow tones that are sure to add a touch of sunshine to your home.

For more interior inspiration check out our Pantone ‘Colours’ of the Year 2021 Pinterest Board.

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