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Autumn/Winter Interior Trends for 2016/17 – Winter Garden

Posted October 5, 2016 /

Our final interior trend for Autumn/Winter 2016/17 is Winter Garden, as we transition into the cooler months.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden is a luxurious yet rustic trend.  Drawing colour inspiration from mosses, bark and lichen, these rich and harmonious tones of earthy green and brown create a warm and comforting interior.

Highlights of Hemp, Spring and Sand from the Palette range give a bright, fresh feel to this theme. Warm and inviting, shades of Dark Olive and Concrete can complement designs such as Arden Biscotti and Fern Sand which echo the natural, woodland inspiration behind this trend. More simple and graphic patterns, such as Fusion Sand or Japonica asc Hessian, provide a way to introduce more subtle pattern to your interior.… view more.

Autumn/Winter Interior Trends for 2016/17 – Urban Chic

Posted September 20, 2016 /

As part of our series of Autumn/Winter 2016/17 interior trends, let’s take a look at how you can bring the urban environment into your home.

Urban Chic

Influenced by urban landscapes and textures, this trend combines graphics and silhouettes from the city environment and softens them with the use of textiles and specific woven textures.

Concrete colour paired with more lively and vivid tones of turmeric and primrose creates a chic, modern interior.  Shades of yellow are still playing an important role in Autumn trends, reminding us of the long summer days just passed.

To make a bold design statement, Skyline New York is the perfect choice.… view more.

Autumn/Winter Interior Trends for 2016/17 – Spice Road

Posted September 6, 2016 /

We have created some trend boards to help you with your Autumn/Winter 2016/17 interiors, working from our Style Studio Roller and Vertical collection you can create these looks at home. The top trends this season are Spice Road, Urban Chic and Winter Garden. Each week, we will dive into the trend topic highlighting colourways and prints that would look fabulous throughout your home.

Create these trends at home by using a feature print or solid colour for your blinds and adding soft furnishings throughout the room which tie in with the colour scheme. Our Palette and Banlight plain ranges have a wide selection of colours to choose from, with this season’s key colours incorporated into each trend board.… view more.

Get the Look – Real Homes and Period Homes & Interiors

Posted August 24, 2016 /

Get the look!

Look out for our blinds featured in this month’s issue of Real Homes and Period Homes & Interiros magazines!

“If you need a properly darkened room to get a good sleep, a blackout blind is a must. – Period Homes & Interiors”

The perfect way to inspire your customers.

PeriodHomesInteriors_BanlightMulberry Sept16RealHomes_SketchSand_BathroomSeept16view more.

See how our designs are made – Skyline!

Posted August 12, 2016 /

This month’s featured design from our Style Studio collection is ‘Skyline’. Inspired by the iconic structures, colours and styles of London and New York, these designs showcase the most diverse and cultural cities in the world.

Both designs are playful, yet stylish and contemporary, featuring the main attractions of both London and New York: skyscrapers, yellow cabs, double decker buses, historic architecture, and glorious landmarks to name a few.

Our design team sketched out each individual element with precision, keeping the simplicity and beauty of the hand painted images.

When designing the London Skyline fabric, the design team highlighted key distinctive landmarks and themes to incorporate into the fabric.… view more.

Rio Olympics Inspiration: Tropical Style Tips for Homes

Posted August 5, 2016 /

Feeling Inspired by The Rio Olympics?

Tropical Style Tips for Homes

With the 2016 Olympics underway, the world’s eyes are firmly fixed on Brazil’s carnival capital Rio de Janeiro.

This vibrant city is currently inspiring a tropical trend in UK homes. Colourful Brazilian style and rainforest motifs are some of the ways you can integrate this look in all rooms – anything from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Here’s our design team’s pick of their favourite Rio-inspired looks that we hope you will love too.

Botanical – prints and plants

Whether on roller blinds, soft furnishings, wallpaper or even a graphic printed feature wall, jungle plant designs will create a tropical paradise in your home.… view more.

Power to the People – Why motorise your blinds?

Posted July 29, 2016 /

Remote-controlled blinds are growing in popularity. In fact, we believe automated blinds will be the norm in UK households within the next couple of years, with the simplicity of a standard household staple being transformed into an automated device.

With so many benefits to automating your window blinds, including advanced technology, extra child safety as well as overall style and sophistication it’s not difficult to see why sales are soaring. One of the newest systems on the market is Powershade, a luxurious and affordable motorised blind that you can operate at the touch of a button, combining style and control with a quiet and smooth operation.… view more.

Home Interest magazine highlights; How to get the look.

Posted July 27, 2016 /

If you’re like the team here at Style Studio’s HQ you’ll love flicking through some of the many home interest magazines that adorn newsagent’s shelves, or checking out hot tips and looks on home interest websites like housetohome and Houzz. Here’s our pick of the best and how you can you can get the look using Style Studio’s scatter cushions, blinds and curtains.

Coastal Chic

This month, we loved this ‘Coastal Dreams’ feature in Good Homes magazine on how to introduce nautical themes without clichés utilising an inviting scheme of lemon sherbet and aquamarine, so thought we’d share some of it with you here on our blog.… view more.

See how our designs are made – Arden & Fern!

Posted July 25, 2016 /

This month’s featured key designs in our Style Studio collections are Arden and Fern.

Slowly easing out of summer, with Autumn creeping in, our favourite cosy trends are making a prominent return. Both Arden and Fern boast our much-loved autumnal colours including browns, fawns, creams, reds and purples, with designs which have evolved and grown to suit the ever changing trends in the marketplace.

Both designs are considered extremely authentic due to being drawn and developed by hand as well as taking inspiration from nature and the surrounding environment to create a realistic feel to the fabric as a whole. The amount of time taken is paramount with regard to the precision of the designs.… view more.