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Squeeze all the juice out of a yummy yellow interior design in any room to feel warm, sunny and happy.

There’s nothing sharp or bitter about using shades of lemon as an accent colour in an interior design scheme. In fact, the colour of one of the juiciest of citrus fruits will bring zest, zing and a touch of spring to your home.

What can yellow do you for?

Yellow is thought to bring an optimistic air to an interior scheme, producing feelings of optimism.

It’s the colour of the sun (remember; that’s the hot ball of fire in the sky) and therefore is thought to promote happy and warm thoughts.

Yellow is also thought to be the colour of creativity, so get thinking about how you can create a fabulous looking home!

Contemporary citrus

One popular contemporary citrus inspired colour-way is the combination of grey with the accent of yellow. This fresh and modern combination can work well in any room. The cool grey is effective in toning down the sunny yellow – a bit like clouds and sunshine.


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