It’s Good to be Green

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We are improving how we make blinds

Our planet doesn’t have enough natural resources for us to continue creating textiles the way we have in the past.

That is why we have started to do things differently. To improve the way we make blinds, we are continuing to increase our range of  fabrics that have been manufactured using recycled yarn.

Featured Product: Hemp asc eco Biscotti 

How and why do we do it?

We are continuing to invest in new recycled yarns that have been derived from post-consumer plastic drinking bottles, also known as PET Bottles.

So, what are the benefits of using recycled synthetics? We are helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill sites, by giving the product a second lifespan as a stylish blind.

Featured Product: Shea asc eco Clay 

Look out for our new Style Studio eco fabrics

The easiest way to identify our new fabrics is to look our for our new eco logo!

Don’t worry about sacrificing quality over function. All of our Style Studio eco fabrics are made to the same high quality and standards as our non-recycled fabrics.

So let’s talk more about our fabrics! Argan is a beautifully textured fabric with an organic feel, while Cactus has been inspired by nature. Hemp has been woven with a subtle square design and Shea is our bold geometric with a giraffe inspired design.

Featured Product: Shea asc eco Ash 

To view our full range of fabrics visit the Style Studio Website.

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