It’s not just about how it looks…

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As consumers we look at colour, texture and pattern when choosing the perfect blind. However there are secondary properties which should be considered as just as important!

Protect your home and family with Fire Retardant blinds

Fire hazards can pose a risk in every home; do you like an ambient candle in your bathroom? Or is your window close to your cooker? Accidents can happen, but at Style Studio we want to limit that possibility with our FR blinds.

Style Studio has a wide range of certified fire retardant blinds across Roller, Vertical, Pleated & Hive blinds. These specific fabrics have coatings which can prevent the spread of an accidental flame, creating a much safer environment.

Our Banlight Duo FR Ocean Vertical blind is perfect for a large living space, bringing bursts of colour to a somewhat traditional room.


What about moisture?

When purchasing blinds, have you ever considered the moisture which can affect your blind? Bathrooms and kitchens can be filled with steam from appliances such as showers, kettles or cookers. We know you want your blinds to stay fresh, and at Style Studio we have a wide selection of moisture resistant blinds available.

Our Vine & Butterfly Roller blind not only incorporates a beautifully printed design, but also is moisture resistant, making it an ideal choice for a modern bathroom interior.

Vine and Butterfly Spring Bathroom Roller


ASC (Advanced Solar Control) backed fabric allows for optimum control of solar heat and light, acting as a barrier to heat loss and offering protection from harmful UV rays. Available across Roller, Vertical and Pleated blinds, ASC is the ultimate in performance fabric.

Style Studio’s Infusion ASC range has a wide selection of on trend colours. Popular in conservatories, ASC has the power to reflect heat, especially useful to help keep your room cool in the summer sun, but also retaining heat in the room during the cooler months. Introduce Infusion ASC Mandarin alongside rustic style furniture to form a homely environment.

Modern Conservatory_Infusion Orange_Pleated

Window coverings can complete a room but also serve a highly practical purpose! The options are endless! Contact your nearest stockist for more information!

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