How to choose your perfect blind!

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You’ve decorated your favourite room in your home. You’ve chosen the perfect flooring, the most beautiful wallpaper, quality furniture and accessories – now it’s time to consider your blinds.

But with so many colours, styles and systems to choose from, where do you even begin?!

Don’t worry, at Style Studio we have created the step by step guide below on how to choose your perfect blind!

Step by Step Guide

1. Choose a product

Consider your desired look of the window and what you want to achieve. Do you long for completely blocked out light? Choose a Roller, Roman, Curtain or Hive. Need the ability to tilt your blinds? Choose a Mirage, Vertical or Venetian. At Style Studio we have 8 different product ranges to choose from, suitable for all kinds of windows and styles!

2. Choose a fabric

Once you’ve selected a product type, it’s time to choose the fabric. With hundreds of options to choose from, you’ll definitely find your favourite.

What kind of fabric is important to you? Plain colour, design, weave, blackout, sheer, FR?

Think about how much light you need. Blackout fabrics help to block out the light making them ideal for use in bedrooms or studies whilst sheer fabrics are excellent for light and airy rooms, letting subtle light filter through.

We also have a wide range of certified flame retardant blinds across Roller, Vertical, Pleated & Hive blinds. These specific fabrics have coatings which can help prevent the spread of an accidental flame, creating a much safer environment to give you peace of mind.

Use our DesignSpace visualisation tool to see what your chosen fabric will look like in a window. Browse by colour and compare choices side by side. You can also order free fabrics samples to be delivered to any address of your choice, to help make that decision a little bit easier.

Lucia Bright Blackout Roller Blind

3. Choose a system

Consider how you would like the blind to operate – cord, by hand or even by remote.

Powershade Motorised – Roller, Mirage, Roman, Hive, Pleated & Venetian

Powershade is a motorised blind system where you can operate your blind at the touch of a button. The blind is rechargeable for your convenience, and with multi-channel/grouping options available, you can control several blinds at the one time. This is a good option for high up blinds or for those with physical limitations, or just to make your home that extra bit techy!

To be extra extra techy, try the Powershade Smart Controller. An innovative app that allows you to control your blinds from your smartphone device. Available for iOS or Android, the product is also compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Home to integrate into your home.

INTU – Hive, Pleated, Venetian

INTU is a pioneering product perfect for tilt and turn windows, especially those awkward windows that open inwards, as well as glazed doors. The blind is fitted into the window without the use of a frame giving a beautiful and elegant finish. With the advantage of not interfering with the opening and closing of your windows and doors, you can maintain their use with the blinds in place. There is also INTU Micro, a smaller product for use within bi-fold doors and compact spaces.

For more information on INTU check out our INTU website.

INTU – Hive Micro White

Senses Elavate – Hive, Pleated, Venetian

Cord free, the operation is simple, sophisticated and smooth. Raise or lower the bottombar to your desired position by hand, without the need for any cords or wands. The system is completely Child Safe, giving you complete peace of mind.

Senses Wand Operated – Vertical

If you’ve chosen a Vertical blind, this can be operated using a wand. The wand allows you to tilt the blind by twisting it, as well as opening and closing the blinds by moving the wand across the track.

Wand Operated – Vertical Blinds Hexagon Yellow & Palette Sunshine

Senses Slow Rise – Roller

Completely cord free, your Roller blind is opened and closed by lifting and lowering the bottombar. The sophisticated one touch operation allows you to select the ‘rise’ speed and ‘stop’ position of your blind. Another completely Child Safe by Design product.

Senses Chain & Cord – Roller, Vertical, Venetian, Hive, Pleated, Roman, Mirage

Sometimes chain and cord blinds are the best solution, for example if your blind is above the kitchen sink and you can’t reach over to use Slow Rise or Elavate. Your retailer will help find the best option for your installation/window.

4. Choose a stockist

Once you’ve selected your favourite blind, find your nearest stockist. They will measure up your window and fit your blind.

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