Four Reasons to Choose Venetian Blinds

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We love the simplicity and versatility of Venetian blinds, with such a classic design they transcend traditional period properties to contemporary living spaces.  These brilliant window blinds also have a whole host of practical benefits for homes.

To celebrate the launch of our new Venetian blinds collection, revamped with hundreds of eye-catching colours, new on-trend textures and a raft of special features and finishes, we’ve compiled the reasons why we think Venetian blinds should be top of your home update list this summer.

Venetian_Mercury_Trad Bedroom

  1. Venetian Blinds Offer Unrivalled Privacy and Light Control

The onset of spring prompts homeowners to fling open their windows and doors to allow the fresh air in, as well as make the most of increased hours of sunlight. Venetian blinds allow lots of flexibility over how they’re positioned, so they’re great blinds for privacy control, whilst still allowing lots of light and air to circulate.

There are also window blind operating systems, like INTU, that allow the blinds to slot directly into the window or door frame so they sit flat against the glass.  This means they won’t get damaged when doors and windows are opened or closed.

When they’re not in use, Venetian blinds can be pulled up out of sight for uninterrupted views of summer gardens in full bloom.

  1. Venetian Blinds Can Add a Pop of Colour

Things have moved on since the days when choice was limited to faux wood Venetian blinds or plain metal Venetian blinds, although these classic finishes will always look extremely stylish.

Why not follow the trend for vivid hues in the home and add some intense colour at the window with a striking blue blind?

Find your nearest stockist and buy this turquoise Venetian blind today!

Kitchen Diner Venetian Turquoise

A Blush pink or rose gold are subtle ways to add on-trend interior colours these calming shades are particularly suitable for bedroom blinds. Or why not create a textural effect with hammered metal blinds that catch the sunlight beautifully.

Buy this rose gold Venetian blind!

Or browse our full range and use our handy search filters to find your perfect colour match here.

Venetian_RoseGold_Mod Bedroom_Crop

  1. Venetian Blinds Keep Homes Cool

We’ve introduced a brand-new type of energy saving blind to our range that has extra insulating credentials.

The slats of these blinds are treated with an innovative coating called Thermostop, which makes them three times more effective at blocking heat compared to a standard slat.

Blinds coated with Thermostop allow homeowners to control the climate of their homes for ambient temperatures all year round.  In winter, tilt the slats so that the Thermostop coating faces inwards to minimise heat loss; reverse the slats in summer and heat coming into the room is reduced.

  1. Venetian Blinds are Durable and Easy to Clean

Being easy to clean is a key reason that Venetian blinds are a great choice for kitchen blinds or bathrooms blinds. Not only can you wipe them clean, ideal for rooms where spillages and splashes are a certainty – they’ll also last for years in environments with lots of steam and humidity.

Convinced about the many benefits of Venetian blinds? You can browse the huge selection of slats available in our new collection here.

Check out our DesignSpace tool where you can visualise products in specific roomsets, making your choice simpler. After that, order up to 5 free samples and make your choice!

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