Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

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Dulux have announced Bright Skies as their colour of the Year 2022.

Dulux trend experts have translated global trends into this new Colour of the Year. This airy shade is like a breath of fresh air and will bring new life into any space. Bright Skies is an optimistic, refreshing shade that will connect your home to nature.

Bright Skies also has four complementary colour palettes and Style Studio has all you need to know about how to use these colours within your home.

Image Credit: Dulux


Workshop Palette

Create a multi-functional space that can constantly revive itself with the Workshop Palette. Combine the colour of the year with vibrant and uplifting tones. Healing Spice, Rose Canopy and Golden Cookie are the perfect complementary colours for this joyful airy blue tone. The workshop palette is the perfect option for switching up your home office or living room to a social hub.

Vertical: Tinto White

Greenhouse Palette

This palette is led by Moon Cloud, a grey/blue tone, River Valley which is an earthy green tone and Denim Drift a dark blue grey shade that you can combine with Bright Skies . Use this palette to introduce nature to the home and create a positive environment. For a rural location this palette will complement your surroundings. In an urban setting, they will make you feel connected to the natural world.

Mirage: Venture Sky

Studio Palette

Combine Bright Skies  with soothing tones of grey and taupe to create a soothing space where you can relax and feel inspired. Restful Slumber and Birch Root are beautiful soothing complementary colours. Introduce the Studio Palette to your living space to create a living space to escape everyday life.

Hive Deluxe: Celeste

Salon Palette

The home should be a place where you feel safe and inspired to embrace new ideas and possibilities. The Salon palette combines soft whites like Cliff Walk and neutral tones such as Rubble Road that will provide a blank canvas for your home interiors. Introduce Bright Skies to the combination to create a fresh interior look.

Roller: Flourish Spring


Looking to find out more about Bright Skies?

Head over to our Pinterest page for more inspiration on how to use this versatile blue within your home.

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