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‘hygge’ is a Danish concept often translated as ‘cosy’ and is so much more than just another interior design trend. This is not a new trend we are bringing you. However, we feel ‘hygge’ still has a place within your home. The ‘Hygge approach is centred around creating a warm and welcoming living space. ‘hygge’ is also about being content and doing the things in life that bring us comfort and joy. If you are anything like us that’s cosying up under a fluffy blanket to watch your favourite movie.

Relax, feel cosy and forget life’s worries – that’s hygge. Here are some ideas on how to apply this concept within your own home.



So, how do you hygge your home?

1. Declutter and organise

Declutter Let’s start off with the decluttering of your home, getting rid of all those things that no longer bring joy or comfort to your life. Once the difficult task of decluttering is done, start to organise your home from your kitchen to living room, think Marie Kondo style. We recommend starting with the room you spend most time in.

2. Refresh and simplify your interior style

Now when we say refresh your home interior style, we don’t mean you have to go and fully renovate your home, that’s not what ‘hygge’ is about. Soften your colour palette to include whites and neutrals. Simple updates like adding a scatter cushions, throws or textured rugs to a room will help to bring that cosy feeling to a room.

Vertical Blind: Tinto White 

3. Bring nature inside the home

We should all have more appreciation for nature and the benefits it brings us. We know it is not always possible to spend a lot of time outdoors especially in the winter months. That is why we think it is time we bring a sense of nature inside our homes. This can be as simple as adding a few green plants to a room and pairing it with some stylish pottery or wicker baskets. Plants not only enhance the overall appearance of your living space, they also boost your mood, reduce stress and increase productivity – For a happier and healthier you.

Hive Blind: Hive Blackout Barley

4. Find your hygge nook

You may be thinking to yourself, what is a hygge nook? This is a small space within the home that is all yours. Whether you use it for some quiet time to enjoy your morning coffee, or relax at night with a glass of wine, or even read a good book. Your hygge nook will be personalised to your needs and will complete your hygge home. To really set the mood you may want to consider how much light the room is getting. The Style Studio Mirage blind is the perfect option for a nook as you can have it fully open, fully closed or anywhere in-between.

Mirage Roller Blind: Balance Lilac 

Feeling hygge inspired? Check out our Pinterest Board.


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