Blinds and Curtains for a ‘Tranquil Dawn’

Posted October 24, 2019 In: /

Dulux has announced Tranquil Dawn as its colour of the year for 2020. Brilliant news, especially if you’re in search of some new window blinds or curtains with a hazy shade of grey-green.

It’s a colour we’ve favoured for some time here at Style Studio and it is available across most of our products – including Roman and curtain fabrics as well as our innovative Mirage roller blinds.

Our interiors expert Lorna McAleer says:

“Tranquil Dawn is a colour that encourages mindfulness and wellbeing.  It’s a reminder of how something as simple as stepping outside to enjoy the early morning sunrise can help us reconnect with ourselves and the people around us. What a brilliant colour to use in the home!

“Dulux has commented on how technological advances, designed to connect us, are actually having the opposite effect, as society becomes more fragmented.  So, for me, Tranquil Dawn should be used to create a more sociable home – in rooms designed for eating together and sharing family time.

“We’ve styled it with contrasting dark dramatic colours – such as deep dark blues and dark grey as well as natural wood accessories. This gives a dramatic, high impact overall look to transcend the seasons.

“It’s a fantastic colour for bathrooms too, especially at windows where breezy sea hues shine through sheer fabrics and into the room.”

Will you be bringing a Tranquil Dawn to your windows?  If you’re feeling inspired, why not head over to our sample room now and order up to five free fabric samples.


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