Autumn Winter Trends 2021/22

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Fall into Autumn Winter 2021/22 in style!

We have researched the upcoming Autumn Winter 2021/22 Trends so you don’t have to! This blog will give you all the information you need to know on how to incorporate this season’s must have interior styles in your home.

Soulful Sanctuary

The narrative of this trend is driven by our desire to find synergy between body and mind, while eliminating the daily stresses and anxieties in our lives with the pursuit of a calmer approach to living. More emphasis is placed on environments, activities and products that help us to decelerate our current pace of living. Being kind to yourself is the message at the centre of this story. Allow your home to become a retreat to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Colour Story

The colour palette for Soulful Sanctuary combines a mixture of soft and bold colours. Soft smoky shades will help to bring a sense of harmony and calmness to your home. Moss and Olive Greens are inspired by nature and wellness. Mix green tones with mauve for a fresh take on complementary colour combinations. Warm neutral putty and nougat tones have taken inspiration from pottery and are complementary to pops of cobalt and blush red hues.

Shapes, Patterns and Textures

Tactility in design is becoming increasingly important as we focus on stimulating our minds and creating a space that benefits our overall wellbeing. Product design for this trend focuses on materials with tactile features that provide soothing sensory stimulation.  Pattern design for Soulful Sanctuary is inspired by abstract collaged imagery, brush stroke repeats and foliage leaf repeats. The textures of this trend are led by natural untreated wood textures, recycled resins and marbling textures. Key design details that you should consider include: natural colouring, layering shapes, rounded and ribbed forms and tone-on-tone accessories.

Mirage: Illume Mineral 

Future Now

Future Now is inspired by the global focus of bettering our planet. As the global climate crisis continues, consumers are looking to include streamline technology in their homes for a more environmentally friendly way of living. The narrative of Future Now has taken inspiration from the 80’s with a retro-futuristic twist.

Colour Story

The colour story features futuristic and hyper-real colour combinations on matt and shiny surfaces. A key colour combination is palace blue and cosmic silver. Alternative to this, why not merge berry pink hues with fuchsia tones. For a softer look, mix bright tones with lilac, peach or blue grey hues. This palette is centred around balance and harmony in a modern society.

Shapes, Patterns and Textures

Digital inspired design has becoming increasingly popular as we continue to replicate the look and feel of digitally generated worlds. This trend blends present-day advancements with retro styling in the home to create nostalgia with the excitement of the future. Key pattern influences for this trend include grid repeats, pixel inspired design, circular shapes and geometric repeats. Space dye effects and iridescent metallic effects are two micro trends within Future Now that should be considered. Key design details include: translucent layering, strapped connections, geometric metalworks and rich ombre effects.Banlight Duo FR: Scarlet 

Club Abode

Club Abode responds to our desire to make connections with others in daily life. With the wellness movement continuing to grow and more socialising being done in the home rather that in public, we now look for our homes to spoil us and our guests. This trend sees us be more adventurous in our interior design choices and embracing risky design details. Club Abode experiments with the glamour of the 1970’s design appeal and décor that is influenced by disco and the daring arts and design scene.

Colour Story

The colour story for this trend compared to the others is retro. The palette is made up of optimistic bright and playful colour combinations. Green is a strong colour carrier with soft pine, pastel avocado and khaki tones as key drivers. Neutrals also have a green tint as green beige tones are used as a palette cleanser. Orange adds a pop of nostalgia to the trend, mixed with black, greens and neutrals. For a deeper tone without adding black to your look include a touch of maroon. This palette allows for a mix match of unexpected colour blends.

Shapes, Patterns and Textures

The print direction for this trend focuses on that 1970’s style with parquet geo repeats, chain repeats, retro stripes and abstract animal designs. Key design details include: tone-on-tone, retro inverted handles, varsity stripes, envelop fold finishes and button back detailing. Materials and design aesthetics to include when trying to capture this trend include: retro rounded sofas, plush velvets, nostalgic glassware and cutlery, maximalist plants, chain links and parquet-inspired tiles.

Pleated: Shadow Blackout Amber

Shanghai Lights

This trend focuses on rich design and cultural inspiration from China to create a sensual winter story. Fashion is continuing to have an influence on interior design in our homes. Shanghai Lights strikes a balance between maximal and minimal style. The trend also offers a contemporary look and feel.

Colour Story

This colour palette has been created using rich and aromatic tones that have been combined to create an opulent colour story. Deep and Chinese reds tonally merge together in contract to black and gold. For maximalist combinations mix deep aqua blue, orchid purple, gold and Tibetan red hues together. For a softer alternative to black, include nightshadow blue tones, which are key when merged with tones of red. This darker winter colour palette allows you to play with a mix of rich and plush tones to create a lavish and exuberant aesthetic.

Shapes, Patterns and Textures

Key pattern and shapes that make up this trend include: opulent fan repeats, ombre ginkgo prints, orchid repeats, oriental tile repeats, hyper-real florals and marble effects. Design details to consider would be: modern origami, tassels, fringes and luxurious interior finishes. To add a touch of luxury with Shanghai Lights include materials such as: silk, shimmers and satins to complete your look.Hive: Muse Neutral

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