5 Tips on how to give your home a Feng Shui makeover this Spring!

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Feng Shui is the concept of creating harmony and balance in relation to the flow of energy (chi) within your home.

Its aim is to assure good fortune and good health for the people inhabiting the home. Core concepts of Feng Shui are Yin & Yang, with the feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang) being opposites ultimately depending on each other for a content and successful life.

Freshen up your home by allowing the powerful and positive energy of Feng Shui to enter.

How to implement Feng Shui;

1. Declutter your home by minimising the amount of items you own. But don’t just hide items in cupboards, under furniture or up the loft, as this all affects the chi flow within the home. Make sure to clear out your wardrobe, the space under your bed, shelves and cupboards – all that extra “stuff” we gather over the years, that sits and gathers dust. Donate these unwanted and unused items to charity, you can even donate old furniture to charities nowadays! Not only are you creating Feng Shui within your home, but also recycling your old items.

Vertical: Tinto White

2. Allow air and light to easily flow through your home by opening blinds, curtains and windows. Plants are an excellent addition to any home, bringing the outside in. Greenery filters the air, creating a healthier and cleaner environment, attracting vibrant chi energy, boosting your own well-being and reconnecting you with nature.

Roller: Sensa Lime

3. Embrace colour! It’s incredible how carefully chosen colours of paint, furniture and accessories can affect the energy flow within your home. Each colour has a different feeling, so choose your colour depending on the vibe you want your room to scream.

• White: Simplicity & Purity
• Black: Elegance & Sophistication
• Brown: Nurturing & Wholesome
• Green: Balance & Harmony
• Blue: Peace & Tranquillity
• Purple: Creativity & Royalty
• Red: Power & Passion
• Orange: Happiness & Fun
• Yellow: Optimism & Positivity

Venetian: Mojito

4. Your bedroom has got to be the most ‘Feng Shui-d’ room of the home; this is where you relax, rejuvenate and get those all-important 40 winks. Firstly, your bed should be against a solid wall, with the door being on the opposite wall, this brings you a higher level of security, comfort and control. For a good grounding feeling, have balance within your bedroom. This can be done by having bedside cabinets & lamps on both sides of the bed. The main purpose of a bedroom is sleep, so other distractions should be excluded from this, e.g. work, exercise and electronics. These activities change the quality of energy within the bedroom, detracting from a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Roman: Carter DijonCurtain: Chia Sunflower

5. The front entrance to your home is very important for allowing energy to enter with ease, therefore it must remain spacious and clutter free. Create a lovely welcoming area with a small side table and luxurious vase of flowers, bringing an influx of positivity and freshness into your home.

Ultimately, Feng Shui is less about having an overly perfectly styled home and more about creating a happy and healthy environment.

There are a wide variety of Feng Shui “rules” but when it comes down to it, your home should be a representation of you, with you making the decisions on the décor. Creating your own personal Feng Shui!

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